originally, the first one of pasacrea i did a few days ago was just for fun and to mess around with tools i had, but then i wanted to do a nicer(?) portrait of ness' dragon parrot! two smiling witch doctors at your service

did some doodles of my arcane spiral on flight rising, im trying to figure out what style to draw him in i guess? alnitak gets so excited over new books that hes dislocated his jaw twice from it. when will he learn

look, a collaboration! aquin did the lineart, i did the sketch and coloring and got super lazy with the wings hah. how do feathers


here we are! seven characters out of a whole lot more. i think i took enough time fiddling with this to do any more so. limbs arent my strong point if you can tell, since i zoom in as much as i possibly can. anyway! characters from left to right are: Random Person, Chamomile, Flambé, Rareo, Waler, Fangirl #64, and ???. arent these names just incredibly creative

some doodles from today

i whipped up something simple for this momentous occasion! used these colors for it

ive gone into animal crossing mode again; which means all the loveliest peeps i know and a duck

COUghs lodu lyd adn twiddles thumbs